Aluminium Walkways
The Pace 600 Aluminium Walkway System is a lightweight, non corrosive walkway, providing your maintenance personnel with designated access paths to roof mounted plant and equipment. Suitable for use over brittle surfaces such as skylights/laserlight, and asbestos roof decking. Dedicated aluminium walkway paths extend the roof deck lifespan, preventing damage, and are longlasting.

Fibre Walkway System
SAYFA’s proprietary slip resistant fibre walkway system provides many benefits including:

  • Reduced number of penetrations
  • Non-corrosive, fire retardant and maintenance free
  • Advanced, multi-directional non-slip surface
  • Cost effective roof deck protection

Aluminium access platforms provide inspection and maintenance access for elevated plant and machinery.

AS1657:2018 Compliance

We are pleased to use the proprietary range of SAYFA aluminium and fibre walkways, and modular platforms.


If you have workers regularly accessing your roof or working at height, it is essential that your height safety system is compliant and meets the needs of those workers. Walkways offer designated pathways to plant and equipment – protecting maintenance personnel and roof decks from damage.