The highest level of hazard control
A permanent guardrail system provides an engineering level of hazard control – offering the highest level of safety for maintenance personnel working at height. Combined with walkways, guardrails control access to high risk areas, protecting your personnel and plant & equipment.

Excellent Aesthetics
Aluminium Guardrails can be adjusted to suit any location, and can be powdercoated to suit your building and surrounds. Fold down options are available where aesthetics dictate.

Once installed, guardrails require no ongoing re-certification.

AS1657:2018 Compliance

Sentry Guardrail is designed and manufactured generally in accordance with requirements of Australian Standards AS1657:2018 / AS/NZS1892:1996 and relevant statutory OHS Codes of Practice/Guidelines.


If you have workers regularly accessing your roof or working at height, it is essential that your height safety system is compliant and meets the needs of those workers. Guardrails offer the highest level of protection for your maintenance personnel, and when used with walkways offer designated pathways to plant and equipment protecting your roof decks from damage.