Our modular ladder system provides safe and easy access to elevated areas, and can be customised to suit your building. Incorporating SAYFA’s  proprietary fall protection system, we can achieve various configurations including enclosed cages, and ladder fall arrest systems depending on ladder height and application.

Steps and bridges ensure the safety of maintenance personnel, and when used in conjunction with walkways protects your roof and plant from accidental damage and water leak issues.

18 Deaths – recorded in Australia from Jan to December 2018
50% – The percentage of fatalities from heights of 3 metres or less

AS 1657:2013 Compliance

We are pleased to use the range of SAYFA Ladders & Steps – robotically welded with high-grade aluminium for precision perfect finishes.  Sayfa’s profiled rung ensures maximum comfort whilst achieving a compliant slip resistance factor.


If you have workers regularly accessing your roof or working at height, it is essential that your height safety system is compliant and meets the needs of those workers. Engineering controls such as ladders and steps give your workers confidence, reduce risk substantially, and protect your assets. Contact us for a free consultation today.